Winter Term

Megan Cox '18

On a poignant winter term project: "The lessons I learned and the experiences I added to my cache in life have yet to fully reveal their meaning to me; I know, however, that these lessons will continue to guide me throughout the rest of my Oberlin education and beyond." [more]

Emma Marshall '18

On the freedom of a month of independent study: "Winter term at Oberlin has taught me to follow my instinct. Winter term isn't about finding a perfect project that will make your life story more exciting; it's about finding yourself in a project." [more]

Brianna Murray '18

On the Music in London winter term project: "During this three week trip, I was able to experience life outside the United States for the first time as well as immerse myself in the musical culture of a vibrant city." [more]

Maddy Dunn '16

On lessons learned during the Business Scholars program: "If I stayed true to myself and focused on my strengths, I could make my own version of business." [more]

Zoe Darsee '13

On sources of inspiration: "Oberlin has given me these opportunities within Ohio and more importantly beyond Ohio... widening my experience and giving me a greater understanding of worlds outside my daily comforts." [more]

Juliette Lu '12

On interning at a hedge fund: "I had preconceived ideas of finance as a lofty, entirely mathematical, robotically exact, and overall boring kind of field. In no way, shape, or form would I have predicted that I would end up where I was now, exploring the finance world." [more]

Daniel Dudley '12

On cooking over winter term: "The Foodship was my refuge... of camaraderie and gastronomy with a splash of eccentricity on the top." [more]

Benjamin Jakubowski '11

On organizing a winter term project about coal's life-cycle effects in central Appalachia: "thanks to the strength of the Oberlin community and the support that is so close at hand, the road between imagination and realization isn't as far as it might seem." [more]

Alicia Smith '10

On the Oberlin Journalism Workshop: "Meeting and working with some of the best in American journalism, many of them Oberlin alumni, was truly inspiring." [more]

Mack Gelber '10

On exploring the radically shifting publishing world: "This is the chief thrill of interning at a literary agency. You never know if the next manuscript in the stack is going to be a dud or the potential classic of our time." [more]

Susan Troy '76

On opportunity: "I showed up at a meeting with a vague notion that I might want to work as an intern on Capitol Hill. What I hadn't expected was that a professor I barely knew, Paul Dawson, would place me with an up-and-coming young Congresswoman." [more]

Sage Aronson '12

On collecting stories in Nepal: "I had this fantastical notion that I would just walk up to someone, and be like, 'Hey man, you have any stories?' Then, I would sit back, regaled by their idiosyncratic tales. This was not to be the case." [more]

Katie Hart '11

On her Winter Term in a Belgian refugee center: "As cultural and linguistic barriers melted away, each one of us was able to make valuable friendships with the staff and residents of this center that had opened its arms to us and welcomed any new insights we may have had to offer." [more]

Andrew Flachs '11

On their Winter Term project: "Touring as the saxophone and classical guitar duo Syzygy proved to be a defining moment in both of our burgeoning musical careers." [more]

Josh Sobel '09

On theater during Winter Term: "Friendships are strengthened, working relationships are fostered, and creativity blossoms as everyone comes together to spend a month making art." [more]

Joshua Levy '94

On his January spent underwater: "Thanks to the Winter Term opportunity at Oberlin ... I've had the opportunity to see a manta ray in Hawaii, turtles in St. John, garden eels in Saba, docile sting rays in Cayman, and the most spectacularly colored fish in the Red Sea." [more]

Joycelyn Eby '09

On organizing a Bassoon Quartet tour of China: "As someone who was reluctant to go to college 'in the middle of a bunch of cornfields,' I now can't imagine having gone anywhere else for school ... no other institution would be so supportive of my pursuit of so many different interests all at once." [more]

Gwen Krosnick '08

On learning Russian during Winter Term: "Sharing, with two of my best friends, those moments of joy and frustration, hilarity and utter confusion - it is something I could never have dreamed of anywhere but Oberlin, something I will remember forever..." [more]

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