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Brendan Nuse '17

On language as a gateway: "I am still a little surprised that a job as a translator of standardized test instructions ended up teaching me about Ohio history, but, then again, my experiences with Chinese at Oberlin have always been enlightening." [more]

Eleanor Van Buren '17

On solidifying cross-generational friendships: "From the first reply I received from Francine Schutzman '67, I knew we were on to something." [more]

Sarah Willette '16

On an eye-opening class: "I've found during my time at Oberlin that, when faced with the crossroads between easy ignorance and more strenuously acquired knowledge, most Obies choose the hard but ultimately more rewarding road." [more]

Peter Nguyen '16

On studying away: "I'm very passionate about exploring the world because I believe experiencing many different cultures is integral to developing a wider understanding, as well as a deeper connection to one's self." [more]

Rachel Berkrot '15

On studying the legacy of war in Nicaragua: "I set out to learn from the village's people by gathering oral histories of those who were living during the war and learning how it changed their lives and their country." [more]

Amy Hourcade '15

On her winter term in Tokyo: "I was thrust out of my comfort zone, thanks to Oberlin, and have never been happier." [more]

Jacob Myers '12

On Oberlin's life preparations: "Oberlin's crash course in cultural understanding gave me open eyes, open ears, and an open heart, and at the end of the year, that's what helped me learn the most from my own experience." [more]

Jessica DePaz '14

On studying abroad: "I embraced that experience because it helped me learn a lot more about myself. I found my voice, my interest in learning different languages, and my interest in teaching." [more]

Rachel Ippolito '13

On studying abroad in France: "I was lost. But rather than moping around in disappointment, I decided to embrace the novelty of all that was around me." [more]

Megan MacDonald '13

On spending a winter term in France: "There was certainly a lot I didn't know when I got off that plane in the Paris airport. If my time in France taught me anything, though, it's that there's a certain beauty in not knowing." [more]

Terence Hsieh '12

On touring with his sextet: "Friendship is the bottom-most rung on the ladder of music: the best jam sessions, the best solos, and the best memories are shared on stage with people who can lose themselves in each other." [more]

Rachel Colwell '10

On spending a semester in Tunis: "Intrepid or crazy, there I was, jumping off the deep end, learning to swim, learning about other people and about how to be myself in a new place." [more]

Caitlin O'Neill '11

On study abroad: "Even though there were days when I missed my family and friends so much that it hurt, days when I thought that another rainy day would drive me up the wall, I would not trade my experience for the world." [more]

Sam Good '09

On studying abroad: "I have dozens of hilarious stories that encapsulate a year of cross-cultural misunderstandings with a group of genuinely caring people who went out of their way on an hourly basis to make sure I was happy." [more]

Alice Ollstein '10

On what a student co-op in Oberlin has in common with Nicaragua's strongest union: "As we sat in my host mom Jacinta's kitchen, I felt like a true partner, fighting alongside the UNAG because we want the same things for the same people." [more]

Nora Frederickson '10

On her semester abroad: "What does dancing on the bar of a rural Austrian disco have to do with an Oberlin education?" (Answer inside!) [more]

Andy Bartholomew '07

On biking across Japan: "From March 15th to June 10th, I cycled from Kyushu to Nagano. Nearly every day I flash back to some moment of my trip to Japan. I'll hop on my bike, or see a train, and I'll remember my first day on the road or jumping on the Shinkansen." [more]

Toussaint Mears-Clarke '09

On academics at Oberlin: "Understanding the subject matter of any class at Oberlin is an undertaking that requires a deliberate purpose of mind. Professors bring you to understand a subject without ever just giving you the answer." [more]

Anne Hoffman '08

On habits developed at Oberlin: "I spent mornings at Black River, nursing coffee and developing an addiction from which I have no intention of recovering. I read political theory that made my brain feel like it was on fire. I read Chaucer in the original Middle English." [more]

Stephanie Patterson '07

On falling in love in Russia: "I brought my dictionary everywhere, but sometimes I was amazed that two people could connect in a way, especially with humor, that didn't always involve complete cognitive understanding." [more]

Mike Fry '09

On teaching jump rope in Tanzania: "It may seem unconventional. You're right - it is. That's part of what drew me to Oberlin. What I see on a daily basis are students who aren't afraid to try something completely new, entirely unconventional, and highly improbable." [more]

Myrina D. McCullough '69

On America's first black president: "I'm glad and proud that I ... and countless other Obies who have also shared their stories here all rejected the paralyzing fear of "otherness" that keeps people apart and keeps our world fragmented." [more]

Anne Richmond '83

On moving to India after graduation: "There is nothing like being immersed in another culture -- no longer being the majority -- to force one to recognize what profoundly cultural beings we really are." [more]

Nicolee Kuester '10

On the Oberlin Orchestra China Tour: "... in spite of the stress and discomfort, my memories of the tour are overwhelmingly dominated by those moments of recognition that we experience only when we travel, the overriding reminders of how-we-are-the-same-in-spite-of." [more]

Beth Rogers '07

On moving to China: "I struggled in basic conversation, couldn't communicate emotion, couldn't deal with the subtleties of the language at all, and couldn't read anything ... in some ways I think I re-discovered the potency and complexity of language during that time." [more]

Jonathan Pincus '83

On the shock of arriving in Indonesia: "I managed to get to the Menteng Hotel, where I witnessed an oversized rat execute a bellyflop into the hotel pool. That night I wondered if I had made a huge mistake. I hadn't." [more]

Sze Foong '99

On studying in London with David Walker: "Threading it all together were the conversations gently led by David about and around these plays, supplemented by talk of poems, novels, museum visits, and films, and from these emerged the constant interplay between fact and fiction." [more]

Sarah Frank '09

On her semester in Ghana: "Sankofa means 'return to your roots.' Sankofa is an important concept, because in order to grow, you cannot always move forward. You must go backwards, and go home, in order to make the distance count." [more]

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