Lauren Crawford '16

On teaching an ExCo on Dovstoevsky's Crime and Punishment: "I realized I needed to create a space where I could discuss many issues present in contemporary Christian theology with only my peers." [more]

Kelsey Atkinson '12

On the Slam Poetry ExCo: "I was thrilled that I found an ExCo that so closely suited my interests and motivated me to keep writing, revising, and sharing my poems." [more]

Alex Edwards '12

On teaching the fencing ExCo: "I learned that teaching an ExCo is about more than just talking at the students and expecting them to learn - it's about listening and attempting to modify each aspect of the class to fit the students' needs. " [more]

Netta Rappaport '12

On the ExCo Program: "What other place allows any undergrad student with a decent idea to create and teach their own course?" [more]

Sarah Fries '12

On teaching the Planet Earth ExCo: "Most students at Oberlin are conscious of environmental pollution and the rapid depletion of resources. I wanted to tap into that awareness and help it manifest." [more]

Christopher Gollmar '10

On teaching experimental typography: "It's esoteric, I guess, this interest of mine, but Oberlin is the kind of place where esoteric interests tend to flourish." [more]

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