Student Organizations

Zoe Beach '17

On keeping a dream alive: "While I chose Oberlin for the strength and opportunities of its science programs, I was overjoyed to find that Oberlin not only had a circus, but it had the facilities and equipment for aerial work." [more]

Maya Zeemont '16

On finding a musical community: "The music, the dancing, the performers--all components of the show emanated pure joy. I hadn't overlooked, however, that OSteel was quite advanced musically, so it never even crossed my mind that I could actually be a part of this music ensemble." [more]

Sophie Newman '17

On practicing problem solving: "It wasn't until I joined the Oberlin Bike Co-op that I realized just how satisfying finding an answer can be." [more]

Evan Cameron '15

On being part of establishing SWAP, a book cooperative: "Several members of the class and I thought, "Wait a second. We're doing all of this work to describe this co-op. Why don't we make this idea a reality?"" [more]

Gabriel Moore '15

On joining the Oberlin Christian Fellowship: "People within this community — or family rather — had strong desires for social justice and impact, and wanted to bring all of their friends on campus into this family, including me." [more]

Joelle Lingat '15

On discovering the Filipin@ community: "FASA made me embrace my endless need to be different. We're all just a group of kids trying to figure out how we each can be extraordinary in this very complex world." [more]

Weelic Chong '15

On OSCA tofu making: "I learned what tofu meant to me: steeped in tradition and innovation, tofu is where the new and old come full circle, a circle spanning generations, a circle catalyzed in Harkness' kitchen." [more]

Isadora Jaffee '13

On being on the mock trial team: "Our successful team is the perfect example of how you can create your very own passionate enterprise at Oberlin and find others who want to help." [more]

Lyz Glickman '13

On OC Dems: "it is a collaborative organization that seeks to educate students and community members and promote political action, no matter which side of the aisle a person happens to fall in." [more]

Abbas Mohsin '13

On being a part of the Student Finance Committee: "Oberlin retains a special place in my heart because of the people, and being part of the student organization at the core of student life on campus helped me cultivate those friendships." [more]

Katherine Sicienski '12

On joining Model United Nations at Oberlin: "By allowing one to take classes in English, environmental studies, history, and theater, all in one semester, Oberlin encourages students to develop new ways of thinking about the same problem." [more]

Joshua Davidson '12

On having a show on WOBC: "In my years of DJing, the station always felt like a tight ship, full of equally obsessive folks seeking out just the right record and wanting to share that ecstatic moment with the greater community both in school and in town." [more]

Hannah Fuson '11

On exploring new things: "I saw an outing club poster on a bulletin board. Though skeptical, I signed up for the trip, and spent a day hiking around the Appalachian foothills... [and] I never looked back." [more]

Jiayu Lin '11

On being a member of Oberlin Student Finance and Investment Club: "All club members learn together in various forms: an ExCo, themed discussions at meetings, and, most often, the teamwork involved with putting together the stock presentations." [more]

Jenny Bower '13

On learning to cook in a co-op: "But in a co-op, plan incorrectly and you could be swimming in pinto beans, have enough lasagna to cover a mummy, pop enough popcorn to fill a bathtub - or not prepare enough vegetables to feed a baby mouse." [more]

Nina Paroff '12

On becoming an editor in chief: "I'm focusing on what The Grape could be in the future. I love The Grape for what it's worth. I love the stinky office, the stinky staff, and the paper itself, typos and all." [more]

Miriam Rothenberg '12

On living in Sci-Fi Hall: "They were friendly, loud, crazy, and nerdy. Furthermore, they were welcoming, encouraging me to participate despite my complete lack of knowledge of the linguistic origins of Tolkien's Elvish language." [more]

Alex Darr '08

On Christianity at Oberlin: "I learned so much. I became a true leader. I learned how to make decisions as part of a team. I learned to be a peacemaker between friends... I discovered a lot more about who God is." [more]

Hillary Swiss '11

On her 4-6 a.m. show on WOBC, the student-run college radio station: "Walking to and from Wilder in the middle of the night was extremely surreal, and I remember vividly how excited I was to share music with whoever was awake during my 'rite-of-passage' first-year show." [more]

Neal Schindler '01

On cooking in a co-op: "I credit my co-op experience with teaching me how to be creative in a pinch, and to make the most of limited resources, not only in the kitchen but in life as a whole." [more]

Aries Indenbaum '09

On Oberlin's student-run circus: "Circus stood for the things I valued: inclusion, family, daring, theatre without drama, strength, flexibility, clumsiness, music, love. If anyone asked me what I cared about, circus would be one of the first words out of my mouth." [more]

Josh Shuman '86

On Kosher Co-op: "There I learned to cook--my first meal of macaroni and cheese lathered with rum extract was not a hit, but later my Thanksgiving turkeys basted with beer and oranges were!" [more]

Stewart Edelstein '70

On his education here: "Oberlin presented such a rich environment for multifaceted self-discovery that my college experience instilled in me the awareness that exploration in multiple and divergent directions is the path to intellectual and personal fulfillment." [more]

Matt O'Connell '09

On a special meal at his co-op: "For me, this meal was exactly what Oberlin's co-ops are all about: making food with your friends, and knowing exactly where your meal came from." [more]

Corina Bardoff '07

On the improv scene at Oberlin: "[It] is so accepting and completely full of fantastically talented and inventive people who want nothing more than to "yes" what you give them." [more]

Jules Brouillet '10

On the things to do at Oberlin: "There are enough great organizations, activities, events and concerts here that it is impossible for one student to do everything or even half of everything. The hardest decision that many students face daily is the choice between commitments." [more]

Ben Newhouse '04

On the lessons learned working for the Oberlin Review: "[I've taken] with me the grinding productivity, invention of necessity, and constant grace under constant pressure that I acquired down in Burton basement." [more]

Connor Lee '09

On learning to bake bread in a co-op: "Once I got over the fact that I could fit a few Hansels and Gretels inside the oven, it was just like any other kitchen, just larger and more awesome." [more]

Monica Greene '07

On starting a non-profit while still at Oberlin: "The Heart Project was intended to be a small jewelry sale, but developed into something much bigger than we ever imagined." [more]

Shane MacDonald '08

On the Oberlin Catholic community: "I discovered that it was exactly the type of diverse community I was looking for. People of all religious stripes were there: converts, lifelong devotees, Anglicans, and even spiritual hobos such as myself." [more]

Ben Klebanoff '09

On Oberlin's Student Senate: "Students take active roles in all levels of the Oberlin administration, help determine the courses that are available for students to take, and help make hiring decisions." [more]

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