Galen Brennan '17

On teammates becoming family: "In our most important game of the year, I stepped on the field for only the second time that year, a moment that made me realize how important the team had become for me. " [more]

Aditi Banerjee '17

On finding friends on the field hockey team: "A camaraderie developed—probably born out of undergoing the rigors of preseason together—which blossomed into close friendships over the course of the season." [more]

Sarel Loewus '16

On finding balance: "What I didn't realize at the time was that it is possible to have multiple priorities, and I could put my full effort into each of them." [more]

Christopher Ayoub '15

On making new friends: "Our relationship began with laughter and silliness, and Kelin has been my dorky big sister away from home ever since." [more]

Gabe Brown '16

On overcoming physical injuries with community support: "Being on the cross-country team has been the glue that has held my Oberlin experience together." [more]

Simone Christen '15

On being a part of the Oberlin swimming and diving team: "[It] means becoming absorbed into a large family of people who are committed to exploring their lives athletically and academically in various ways." [more]

Max Hovey '13

On the universal language on soccer: "Intramural soccer has given me a new knowledge base... I'd be lying if I said that my current appreciation for soccer hadn't solidified my choice of pursuing Hispanic studies at Oberlin." [more]

Ashley Docherty '13

On discovering intramural sports at Oberlin: "At Oberlin, I expected to just exercise my mind; playing intramural basketball gave me a chance to get moving and be a part of a team." [more]

Alen Cisija '12

On being a part of the Oberlin College men's soccer team: "We call it OC Love. We don't play for ourselves, we play for each other. I am honored to stand side by side with every one of those guys." [more]

Sam Towne '12

On being a member of the men's tennis team: "When I look to the court next to me and see a teammate fighting hard, I am motivated to give it that extra ounce of effort. We are all striving to reach the same goal." [more]

Carla White Freyvogel '79

On being one of the first female runners: "Running became a political statement for me... while other women made statements in class, delivering heart-pounding lectures, papers, and demonstrations, I put on my shoes and ran with the men." [more]

Christina Spencer '11

On injury: "For the past week, I've had to sit out from the Yeowomen's Basketball team with a sprained ankle. Being unable to play or practice has only intensified my passion for this sport. Now, I crave basketball." [more]

Luke Herrine '10

On being part of a team: "I heard a knock on my door. I opened it to find every single Horsecow who had come out to practice that day staring back at me. The Flying Horsecows [make] everybody love to play Ultimate, even when you can't." [more]

Nicky Ouellet '09

On running and surviving senior year: "I outlined my thesis on thirteen-mile long runs. I wrote my application essays on bus rides to races. My experiences as a student-athlete influenced my proposal to study high-school athletics during my Fulbright year in Russia." [more]

John Shaw '07

On training: "With the curtain obscuring most of the fieldhouse from view, the track became a tunnel that my distance mates and I would fly around countless times at every imaginable speed and level of (dis)comfort." [more]

Greg Mangan '09

On his roommate, Mike Loll, during their first pre-season: "He knew all the plays. He knew where to be at all times. He moved effortlessly through the logjam of the field. He was a natural." [more]

Emily Whitaker '12

On the last field hockey game of the season: "All at once, the reality of my situation hit me hard. In one hundred and eighty seconds my first varsity field hockey season would be over, and I found myself unprepared...I had never felt more part of a team." [more]

Mike Dirda '09

On the men's Ultimate Frisbee team's year-round outdoor practices: "The cold tests our mettle, and when a seemingly endless winter finally departs, we know that we're tougher and harder than any of our opponents." [more]

Shira Korn '11

On Oberlin being a Division III school: "This means that athletes are not allowed assistance in the admissions process or monetary incentives to come to a school, [which] meant that everyone on our team was participating purely for love of the sport." [more]

Elizabeth Wong '12

On her first home volleyball game at Oberlin: "It had been my dream to play college volleyball since I can remember and as I stood star struck looking up at the flag, I could not help but smile and realize that I had done it. I was living the dream." [more]

Dore Kiesselbach '88

On his poem about football at Oberlin: "The moment of revelatory tenderness I try to capture in this poem, exposed as it was by this rough game, meant as much to me as anything else I experienced as a student and remains very poignant to me today." [more]

Leanne Wagner '76

On progress toward gender equality: "Watching my daughter ... study with many more than one woman professor in the sciences, and not be constrained in her choices of what was to come after Oberlin, I realize that the Oberlin tradition of firsts has brought change to the world." [more]

Meghan Schott '06

On the freedom to be herself: "At Oberlin, for the first time I was able to venture well outside-the-box without criticism. For Halloween, the soccer staff allowed the players to dress up for practice ... [and I] decided to be a TV." [more]

Marne Litfin '07

On her first day of practice with the women's rugby team: "These were, I realized while I stood apart from them, the strongest and craziest women I had ever met. I had to be one of them. I didn't know if I had it in me, but I couldn't leave without trying." [more]

Derrick Bean '09

On the work-play balance at Oberlin: "I can study archeology, work out to pass the next fitness test, and rehearse my scene for Shakespeare class, all the while hanging out with people from all social circles with diverse interests." [more]

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