Social Sciences

Reid Palmer '14

On a full-fledged learning experience: "No matter our individual passions, Oberlin provides us the opportunity to do what we love while connecting us with peers and professors that broaden our perspectives and help us make connections." [more]

Althea Lamel '13

On growing: "I realized I had come a long way from the student who sat in that class three years earlier doubting herself. I had become the articulate college student who had intimidated me so much in my first semester of college." [more]

Karin Drucker '11

On falling in love with political theory: "I dorked out shamelessly to my uninterested friends about the authors and topics that grabbed me, but I also found others who were as curious as I." [more]

Tyler Robinson '11

On being selected as a Cole Scholar: "Across the board, students emerge from the program feeling academically invigorated, and many have a keener sense of personal identity. I am no exception." [more]

San Maday Travis '11

On learning to stop worrying and love economics: "We found ourselves struggling to fit tough questions into broad, vast subjects focused on a more traditional perspective... so we decided to create that space ourselves." [more]

Diane C. Yu '73

On choosing Oberlin: "I had devoted countless hours in high school to efforts to better integrate the Rochester school systems and didn't want to go to a place where diversity was an afterthought." [more]

Anna Arays '10

On passion: "I spent my junior year working in Special Collections: looking at rare books, taking them apart, putting them back together, petting, and loving them. The job was fantastic: this is what I'd always been looking for." [more]

Patrick Doherty '11

On bonding with professors: "On bowling night, anyone interested in the History department can come to the College's bowling alley and bowl for free! Why is this fun? Because most of us can't bowl to save our lives." [more]

Adina Langer '06

On a fateful spring break: "In the spring of 2004, I embarked on my first ever camping trip with two of my best friends from Oberlin ... I didn't know yet, but on that trip, I'd caught a permanent case of the research bug. I returned from my trip with a new zest for my history major." [more]

Paula Gordon '68

On her first job in television: "Was I qualified? Well ... if a passion for democracy, a work ethic honed by four wonderfully challenging years at Oberlin, and a hunger to succeed counted - and we could skip the part about what he was actually describing about which I was clueless - you bet!" [more]

Prof. Ben Schiff

On requiring students to write memos: "For many students, writing short is harder than writing long - but I believe it to be a valuable skill to add to the arsenal of writing styles that we promote here at Oberlin." [more]

Prof. Ellis Tallman

On unexpected connections: "When I walked past the Conservatory, I felt an odd sense of the World Trade Center. I mentioned it to a professor, who responded, "Well of course, Ellis. Both the Con and the World Trade Center were designed by the same architect - Minoru Yamasaki." [more]

Daniel Domaguin '06

On organizing a conference his senior year: "[it was] an event whose legacy affects others and permeates the thought processes, ideals and actions of students who continue to advocate for Ethnic Studies, equality and social justice on campus today." [more]

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