Teresa Heinz Housel '94

On being at Oberlin: "I could safely question the cultural values that had been drilled into me as the truth, and with that security, I could intellectually and emotionally reach my full potential. " [more]

Anna Zeemont '13

On embracing writing: "Oberlin revolutionized the way I think about writing - which in turn shaped me not just as a learner but also as an individual." [more]

Leah Goldman '13

On teaching Spanish: "Teaching in SITES taught me to be patient, creative, and willing to make mistakes. But I became more confident as a teacher every day I saw my students become more confident in their learning." [more]

Jacob Lamoureux '12

On Oberlin's terrific teachers: "When I graduated from high school, I thought the days of personal relationships with teachers who cared about me were over. Well, I've only been wrong once in the past 20 years, and that was it." [more]

Miranda Fisher '12

On an interdisciplinary education: "Learning isn't just about memorizing static content for a specific class; it's about shattering the boundaries of a subject and seeing how you can apply its content in different contexts." [more]

Melissa Ballard

On identifying with her students: "I know many of the students and some of their struggles, in part because their struggles were once my own... But I also know that as these graduates walked off that stage, they felt exultant." [more]

Lauren Clark '11

On the integration of classics in her life: "I've found beauty and strength in recognizing temporality, which has brought me to understand translation across language and temporal boundaries as a positive and connective process." [more]

Hope Rehak '11

On being part of the Posse scholarship program: "The other students who received a Posse scholarship to go to Oberlin that year were incredible leaders in their communities; I was proud to be included alongside them." [more]

Sophie Schacht '10

On organizing Dr. Seuss Day at the local public library: "I am one of six people on the varsity softball team who tutors in the Oberlin public schools -- my first order of business was to recruit the entire team." [more]

Prof. Kim Faber

On Oberlin's SITES program: "What began as one mom's hope to have a language program for her 5-year old son is now providing the opportunity for every elementary-school child in Oberlin to experience another language." [more]

Chase Palmer '08

On opportunity: "I spent many years grappling with what type of profession I wanted to pursue in my life. I considered medicine, legal work, and many other paths. But one thing always remained the same: my passion for helping others reach their full potential." [more]

Susan Cowan Knebel '60

On learning to teach literacy: "I had answered a call for volunteer tutors in a night school created by a gentleman who was born a slave. Literate, he wanted to help folks from the South who had come north for jobs in Ohio and couldn't read or write." [more]

Jessica Levine '95

On the level of teaching at Oberlin: "Great teachers make a difference in our lives because they knew how to support us and how to push us. Educators at Oberlin do so in the most masterful way. They are both craftsman and scholars. They are activists and orators; passionate and inspirational." [more]

Sean Nagamatsu '07

On learning to be a writing tutor: "It was not simply a course in how one tutors. It was an exploration of writing as a catalytic form of expression and interaction. It was the complete taking apart of how I put together words and the subsequent attempt at putting myself back together afterwards." [more]

Prof. Sebastiaan Faber

On an Oberlin education: "One of the most important things you will learn here is to express yourself, to engage in dialogue, to respect others' ideas, and to allow them to change your own." [more]

Jabali Sawicki '00

Contributed by Prof. Laurie McMillin: "Jabali left Oberlin in 2000 with a degree in Biology and no set plans. But he knew he wanted to teach... At the age of 27, he became the principal of Excellence Charter School in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn." [more]

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