Natural Sciences

Kepler Mears '17

On mouthing off in public: "If I hadn't said it and it hadn't been heard, I'm not sure I would have met Professor Whelan in the way I did or formed a friendship with her." [more]

Andrea Goltz '17

On being there for others: "When I got tired, I'd always have Ren to go to. I'd sit in a little nook in her supply room-turned-office for five minutes, ten minutes, an hour, and just talk about life, or about the various merits of carrots, whatever was on our minds." [more]

Cassandra Dean '17

On becoming a good researcher: "I am now able to conduct research at a higher level than most people expect of an undergraduate student, and my ability to network and schedule have improved dramatically." [more]

Gabrielle Walsh '18

On a foundational winter term project: "Under Professor Matlin, I gained confidence in my lab work and got to befriend older student researchers who were already engrossed in the chemistry department and greater scientific community." [more]

Lauren Wong '16

On joining Women in Math and Computer Science: "I found friends, a support system, connections, and something I was willing to speak up about, which is what I think Oberlin is all about." [more]

Lauren Choban '16

On opportunity: "At Oberlin, there is something—a club, a research lab, a play—for everyone to take part in, succeed in, and, best of all, enjoy." [more]

Sierra Zuber '11

On combining love and science: "When I was starting work on my honors biology research with crayfish...I realized how many questions had been right in front of me at Ginko [Gallery] all the time." [more]

Arjuna Pettit '14

On pushing boundaries: "I still remember the sense of accomplishment that I felt after completing the final exam for Bio 100. I had conquered the beast." [more]

Veronica Burnham '14

On the creation of Synapse: "With these two 'I want to do!' and 'I can do!' revelations, I was set on it - I would create a magazine for science." [more]

Qian Cheng '13

On finding her path: "Oberlin opens up so many opportunities and challenges for students to explore life choices that even if you have absolutely no idea what you are heading for... you will always somehow find your destination." [more]

Nina Cole '12

On doing research during winter term: "I know of no other school where a professor will welcome a first-year student without a molecular biology background into their lab as willingly as Professor Allen welcomed me." [more]

Abigail Lofchie '12

On being a biology tutor: "I like... seeing students become comfortable with the material so that they can enjoy it instead of just seeing the class as a source of stress." [more]

Asishana Osho '10

On being pre-med: "Oberlin has a great reputation among graduate schools. According to one of my [medical school] interviewers, we are known for producing some of the 'most talented, most versatile and most driven applicants.'" [more]

Aaron Kokotek '11

On researching wolves in Minnesota: "We heard howls in the distance, howled in response, and heard the wolf pack reply to our call." [more]

Hidong Kim '87

On being a life-long learner: "The same crackling energy I felt at Oberlin when immersing myself in new learning I now feel in medical school... Once again, the academic rigor I acquired at Oberlin lights my path." [more]

Tom Carroll '96

On finding his "voice" again after so many years of medical training: "I am blessed that I remained firmly committed to my seemingly disparate passions for voice and medicine. Professor Miller must have been able to see something then that I never could have appreciated until now." [more]

Jake Grossman '08

On becoming a scientist: "Oberlin taught me to view the natural world with wonder and curiosity, and gave me the tools to pursue that curiosity in a systematic way. This isn't to say that Oberlin turned me into a data-loving robot ... the other thing I became is a better person." [more]

Olivia Winter '08

On being a researcher: "I am excited about asking questions, picking apart ideas, and proposing new ways of thinking about problems. I obsess over the details of study designs and execution, all the while striving to be creative in my approach and thought processes." [more]

Brendan Veeneman '07

On learning beyond one's major: "I think it is a uniquely Oberlin phenomenon that introductory courses are every bit as interesting and rigorous as upper level courses, and it was this strength that encouraged me to diversify my education as I desired." [more]

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