Thanisa Durongkaveroj '18

On the connections between college and the future: "I start to see my college experience as part of my overall life experience; classes become more applicable, and I become more competent to enter the professional world." [more]

Eva Fineberg '16

On building websites for the Oberlin College Archives: "My time in the archives department in Mudd Library allowed me to apply my coursework in computer science to a fascinating niche of Oberlin College's history." [more]

Hannah Varadi '15

On a (failed) attempt at an individual major: "I now have a better grasp of how all my language-based interests—translation, journalism, and, yes, fiction writing—tie into comparative literature." [more]

Dan Barella '15

On the connections between Capoeira and social rights activism: "The conversation starts with you. You can't sit around waiting for someone else to start it for you." [more]

Jake Holtzman '16

On exploration: "Although we are all at Oberlin to go to school first and foremost, I don't see an Oberlin education as complete without at least exploring the other opportunities that are so readily at our fingertips." [more]

Chelsea de Souza '16

On learning to choose: "Oberlin has helped me with something that I have struggled with my entire life — the strength to make choices and believe in them despite any regrets that might follow." [more]

Ashwin Kambhampati '14

On answering the "What's your major?" question: "I am an economics and mathematics major. I feel, though, that I am an Oberlin major; the liberal arts approach helping me discover the subjectivities involved with looking at the world though different lenses." [more]

Leo Harrington '16

On support networks: "The people here have copious and astoundingly diverse passions of their own but will also go to incredible lengths to help you pursue yours, in all likelihood because someone did the same for them." [more]

Joshua Morse '12

On changing intellectual pursuits: "Oberlin [gave] me the chance to see that I could find that same level of fulfillment and meaning in any field that struck my fancy." [more]

Crystal Sheffield '12

On visiting Oberlin: "As I planned my schedule of classes to visit, I found myself tempted by the different departments listed and the variety of classes offered. I barely had time to fit in a conservatory class because I was so engrossed in the college." [more]

Assiatou B. Diallo '08

On the interdisciplinary nature of her Oberlin experience: "I love learning, and my own life sits at so many intersections. At Oberlin, I felt at home with my peers who were passionate about using their academic studies for social change." [more]

Woan Foong Wong '09

On a day in the life of a double-degree student: "I was congratulated by friends who had either attended my honors economics presentation or had played my piece in the orchestra... how impossible my life would have been had I taken my diverse interests to another school." [more]

Stewart Kohl '77

On the ethos of Oberlin: "What made Oberlin outstanding then is still its magic - the students who want to learn, the faculty who want to teach, and the intense tradition of intellectual curiosity." [more]

David Lowe '11

On living a multifaceted life: "I am a double major in law & society and sociology; I play varsity men's soccer; I am heavily committed to acting; I produce music and DJ on a regular basis. Only in a place like Oberlin." [more]

Catherine Oertel '99

On teaching at Oberlin: "I have initiated new synthetically-oriented research projects in my laboratory here, but I have also continued my work on organ pipe corrosion with students who have been attracted by research that connects science and art." [more]

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