Theater / Dance

Isabelle Harari '17

On performing with Oberlin's female and trans* hip hop dance group And What!?: "Our identity as dancers makes sure our audiences leave with material to ponder, discuss, and continue to engage with after our shows." [more]

Natalia Shevin '17

On making connections while dancing in Warner Main: "Contact improvisation about learning to work with anything. Through listening and through movement, we learn to be responsive. " [more]

Molly Gorin '16

On merging dance lives: "I never thought I would be able to put a rapper dance side by side with a contemporary duet, but here I am today." [more]

Niels Bantilan '09

On discovering hip-hip culture at Oberlin: "As I accumulated more knowledge about the music, art, and history of hip-hop through my independent research, I started to think outside the dance." [more]

Sam Skove '12

On being a member of the Sunshine Scouts: "I felt I was part of a kinetic community, rather than a hermetically sealed club. They did improv because they liked using their imaginations." [more]

Amy Hess '12

On learning tango: "Nothing is as awkward as the first class of Argentine tango. Take two very nervous strangers, both aware of their mutual ignorance of dancing, make them stand chest-to-chest and hold each other, and you get some very red faces." [more]

Shawn Roggenkamp

On bonding over Boredom, a semi-improvised drama: "My other friends couldn't believe that we had Saturday night rehearsals, but the cast would have all spent Saturday nights together regardless." [more]

Holland Hamilton '11

On the 'best kept secret in the Midwest': "Before coming to Oberlin, I had sworn off theater completely. In fact, I was done with performing in general. But looking back, I have no clue how I thought I could have gotten away with choosing anything else." [more]

Adam Kander '07

On the energy of the arts at Oberlin: "This is Oberlin at its best. The constant performance, observation, and absorption of art in all its various forms. Oberlin is a place where art and creativity thrive, as long as there are students around willing to give of themselves." [more]

Ben Ferber '11

On there being too much to do at Oberlin: "I always thought I was good at time management, but handling five classes, three plays, two student organizations, an RA job, a radio show, and a social life as an Oberlin sophomore is a little like juggling chainsaws." [more]

Maggie Keenan-Bolger '06

On writing and producing her own play: "Without the tenacity and fearlessness of the staff at Oberlin, as well as the flexibility of creative exploration, From the Inside, Out would never have become a reality." [more]

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