Art & Humanities

Zoe Gould '14

On becoming a writer: "This piece was not just a reflection of my own competency, like other formal essays had been; this was someone else's story entirely." [more]

Dessane Cassell '14

On a change in perspective: "The distinction between my vantage point and that of the students had yielded entirely different interpretations of the work without us even realizing it." [more]

Maggie Killman '13

On becoming a Latin major: "I realized how passionate everyone around me was about the exact same things ... they all shared the exact same joy I felt from studying such an obscure but wonderful language and culture." [more]

Claire Jenson '12

On academic passions: "I'm fortunate to go to Oberlin, to live in this world of thrilling academic inquiry and discovery, because the community keeps my mind constantly ticking, asking, and considering." [more]

Emily Nord McClintock '76

On leaving Oberlin and returning: "What I thought must be standard fare at all colleges - the excellent music, the spectacular art museum, the earnest students - proved not to be standard at all." [more]

Georgia Horn '12

On being an art history major: "Thirteen years later, as a freshman in college, I found the perfect outlet for my misguided artistic endeavors: art history." [more]

Steve Bagley '06

On implementing Oberlin ideals: "As a reporter, I have the power to actually change the world. I can uncover corruption and expose it. I can discover things and show them to people, change the world by spreading knowledge." [more]

Judy Karasik '75

On the way we treat writing at Oberlin: "I was so deeply engaged and tangled up in writing as a living, morphing entity, that when I got to graduate school I couldn't tolerate the aridness of what passed there at the time for intellectual discourse." [more]

Chantal de Somer '09

On writing a novel: "I was afraid I would not be able to finish the novel by the end of the semester, but I did it. It is not polished, but it is a complete story. Coming to Oberlin and taking creative writing classes has improved my writing in more ways than I can count." [more]

Jonah Berman '03

On finding his place at Oberlin: "For me, the goal in truth was not to become the best saxophone player there ever was. It was to experience the incredible wealth of opportunities that Oberlin had to offer." [more]

Eush Tayco '09

On visiting Greece: "The beauty of the environment and the ancient sites we visited convinced me to keep studying Classics; I wanted to know more about who built the sanctuaries at Epidaurus and the temples at Delphi, and to read the inscriptions on pediments and statue bases." [more]

Nolan Grieve '10

On an Oberlin education: "Each semester, to my continual surprise, Oberlin provides me both with the raw material of life experience and the tools with which to shape it into something with purpose." [more]

Prof. Erik Inglis '89

On the art rental program: "All those students lined up for art rental aren't just waiting patiently in a line; they're also actively teaching each other and learning from each other, sharing their enthusiasms and gaining new ones." [more]

Ally Sterman '09

On being a docent in Oberlin's world-class art museum: "I have been leading tours of the museum's broad and overwhelmingly impressive collection for almost four years now, and the joy of engaging visitors in discussions concerning art has only intensified." [more]

Ma'ayan Plaut '10

On her passion for photography: "Being at Oberlin and loving the arts go hand in hand, and luckily I get to translate my love of people, music, theater, and dance to a medium that serves both as a reminder and an inspiration to past, present and future Obies." [more]

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